Friday, May 15, 2015

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

in the beginning...

My name is Mindy, and welcome to my blog. Before I get to sharing my life with all of you, allow me to tell you what you're getting into by giving you a brief introduction of myself. I've been told I'm spacey, flippant, charming, sarcastic, witty... I suppose it just depends on who you ask. If you ask me, I would agree with all of those things, and I might add that I am a lover of animals, a perfectionist, a coffee aficionado, and perhaps slightly neurotic. I would also try and quantify this neuroticism with a quick, "But it's okay, I'm studying music." Music? you might ask, But you write a fashion blog... Exactly, my friends. Music is my life, but fashion? Fashion is my love. Growing up, there were three things I always dreamed of doing: owning a coffee shop, becoming a fashion mogul, and performing every day for the rest of my life. Now, I am studying opera performance, writing a fashion blog, and dreaming of the day that I have enough money to add "Coffee Shop Owner" to the list of hats I wear. Having mentioned said hats, allow me to introduce the rest of the overcrowded rack: I run a photography business (where I take senior pictures, maternity photos, and family portraits), I am a customer service representative at a rental car company, and I work at a cute little frozen yogurt shop.
Delicious mocha from my favorite coffee shop, The Caffeinery.

Now, about the blog. There are three things I love to photograph most. They are coffee, food, and trendy people. So, it stands to reason that likely the things you'll find on this blog are posts and photos concerning coffee, food, and trendy people. Appearing on the blog will be myself and the occasional guest fashionista (because my ladies bring their fashion A game daily), the occasional photo from my photography business, food, and coffee. I look forward to sharing my life with those of you who are interested in the same things! Let me just repeat one more time how much I love coffee.

Coffee coffee coffee. Okay, I'm done.